domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Panama Diaries

This last week I went to Panama, and as I didn't took with me the cable to pass the pictures from the camera to the computer I wasn't able to post anything this week. Although now I'm back and ready to show you some of my pictures from this beautiful trip to Panama, which we made by car. 

There's something about "Casco Antiguo" that I love, I don't know if it is the idea that everything in there is so antique or what but I just love it. 

Next time I'll try to dress myself more summerly, that day was amazingly hot, I couldn't stand it! I used my layer shirt from Forever 21 which I love, but still I think is not quite perfect for me. There's going to be more posts about my looks @ Panama. Don't miss them! 

Also, I finished my day with shopping! There's where I got my turquoise summer dress from my new look @ LOOKBOOK.NU

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