jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

Recycled materials clothes designs by Gaby García Molestina

Here's a project I've  been working on today, hope you like it! They are supposed to be designs for recycled clothes, so I hope it works. When the clothes are done I'll post pictures for you to see. If I make more designs I'll keep posting them to show you. Have a great weekend :)

Gaby García Molestina

These designs were made by me, please do not take this pictures and use them on any type of work. 

domingo, 3 de junio de 2012

Crazy for braids ♥

I have been very obsessed with braids lately. I have been trying some with my hair, although my hair isn't exactly very accurate for braids. I love how versatile braids are; they can literally go perfect with every outfit and in every occasion. I recommend you, if you have a long beautiful hair, to make braids to it! Try every type of braids on your hair, and you'll see how beautiful they look.
Here are some pictures of braids that I took from Pinterest

Have a great Sunday!! :)

Today I had a sunny happy day. I think everyone shoudl just enjoy  life while they can, it doesn't matter how horrible you think it is, how devastated you feel there's always a way to be happy. My tip: Be happy for yourself, not for others! Love every single part of you, because the only one responsible for your happiness is yourself. 

Gaby Garcia Molestina  ♥  


sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

Sweet Neon

I had an amazing Saturday, and it's not over yet! Today I went to get my other fabrics for the prom dress, I got new flip flops and a pair of VOGUE magazines.. stuff like that. I love to just seat and read VOGUE, it makes me keep in touch with the newest trends and news. I loved the Arizona Blueberry White Tea that I bought today at the supermarket, first time I try it and I'm in love with it! I was wearing this new neon short today and thought of my blog.. I thought that a new post would be great for my blog, giving for a fact that I've been very distant from my blog lately (Sorry for that). Enjoy my summery outfit! Neon neon neon everywhere ;)

Short from ZARA
Blouse from ZARA
Necklace from Carao

Si son de Costa Rica visiten la página de facebook de CARAO, tienen joyería increíble! Disfrutenla.