miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

It's all about the dress

I really can't think of anything better than gowns, they are absolutely beautiful. Today while I was watching the season finale of Project Runway I got so inspired to create my own design, I know this design is very amateur, but I must start in some way, right?
The other two pictures are pictures of dresses I think are completely detailed and elegant, two pieces of art. The second one is from Alexander McQueen.
These two pictures were taken from the New York Magazine

Enjoy ;) and hope you liked my very first (and sketchy) dress design.  

Gaby Garcia Molestina 

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  1. hey dear, awww i love your blog!! i had to leave a comment!!! keep being inspired and passionate! you will go far! <3

  2. Bobby thank you it means a lot to me!!! <3

  3. hi there, found a link to your blog from lookboo.nu. Keep up the great work with your designs!