lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Turquoise Look

I wanted to put on my blog some music, I think that the solution for now is inserting a video form YouTube. "Could We" from Cat Power is the song that inspires me for this look of the day. Turquoise summer dress. 

My brother didn't realize I was taking this pictures to him until later, and this type of pictures are the best, when people don't actually realize somebody is taking a picture. 

Trips like this are the ones that leave me time to breathe and relax from everything I have to deal everyday. So this picture I think represent really nicely how I felt, really relieved and happy. Nothing like some summer breeze and some sunshine going right into you.  

Details in the fabric. Beautiful flower print form the Zara Dress, and the brown summer sandals that have beautiful beads from Zara ass well. 

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