domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the Sun.

Life has recently given me a lot of changes, most of them are good ones. Sometimes you just don´t understand why things go some way and you want them to go other way, but life is about adapting. If you can´t adapt then you can´t go on. I´m telling you this because yesterday I went to a beautiful place and places like these make me realize many things and help me go forward. 

We are starting a year, and so I love these kind of trips, they give me the chance to have a fresh start and I wish you too have a fresh 2012 start. Enjoy these pictures. They are not exactly fashionable, but they can show you how my fresh start is like. 

By the way, you can notice that my hair has been changed, but it is only for a while nothing permanent. ;) 

Gaby García Molestina <3

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