domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

Day 1

"New is always better" that's what Barney always says in "How I Met Your Mother" and I believe he's right. This new year is bringing me a lot of new things and I hope that this will be an amazing year not only for me but for everyone! 
My room is being changed and so that's why I decided to take this pictures in my new but empty room, so that it would represent the new changes for the new year. 
Hope to post soon pictures of my new room with all the furniture and decorations! Have an amazing 2012 readers, live today as it was the last day and always hope for the best but remember to be prepared for the worst.

Gaby Garcia Molestina.

Skirt: Ruta Urbana
Blouse: MNG

P.S: This is a new skirt and I'm completely in love with it, the "azteca print" gives a lot of diversity to the outfits. 

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